Due to ever changing technological and practical requirements, our products are in constant further development: Many of the good ideas and thoughts over the years have com from our customers and cooperation partners.
It is not possible however that every idea or ambition can be integrated instantly into the series production. Our company sees enormous value in producing series products that allow customer specified modifications (options listed below) to be made by us in house before delivery.



Irrigation function for outdoor use

Up to 3 irregation runs are avalible each 24 hours.
The solenoid valve can be programmed to operate up to 3 irrigation switching phases per day. If the controller receives the information that there has been sufficient rainfall, the next irrigation run will be missed out.

Error message

An error message can be sent to an external warning device such as a lamp or acoustic singnal via a potential  free contact.

0-10V output point

By means of the 0-10V output point additional equipment such as an EIB module can be integrated e.g. a display in an other location.

Drain pump

If the fill level of the tank reaches a specified value, then a valve or a pump cab be activated. This is to prevent the fill level of the tank from exceeding the specified maximum level.

4-20mA input

By means of the 4-20mA input point, additional equipment sends a signal to the device.

A  note on bus systems:

There are currently many various bus systems competing on the market (e.g. Instabus, KNX, EIB, Profibus etc.). With such systems there are modules that are equipped with both analogue and digital input ports. These modules can use the devices standard signal (e.g. the 0-10V output signal) to transfer to the available bus system.
The system is operated only with the control device and it is not intended for use with a remote P.C. Bus system.