Additional components for rainwater usage

Solenoid valve 18025 - 1/2"

Servo controls

There is one controlling through hole and one main through hole. The solenoid opens and closes only the controlling through hole. This ensures that the minimum and maximum working pressure are not dependent on the strength of the solenoid but rather the desing and properties of the main through hole including the seal, membrane etc.

It is a fundamental requirement when selecting the valve that the minimum input pressure is always greater than 0 bar and that the pressure difference between input and output is also greater than 0 bar.

Servo valves are applicable only with clean water.   Always use a filter!

Valve 18025 - 1/2

Included in the delivery of the standard device is a 1/2” solenoid valve.

- 2/2- way servo controlled valves, slow closing
- 230V AC ; 9VA
- Current free closing
- Connection: I/O 1/2” internal thread
- Pmax = 10 bar; kv = 3,8m3/h