Controls and read out displays for the water harvesting systems

Note:   The units are available only from the company Otto Graf GmbH .
  • Aqua Control+
    Aqua Control+

    The device measures the water-level to a max. depth of 6m in a non metallic tank. If the water sinks below a pre-set level, there will be a refill with water from the main supply to ensure availability.
    In the event that there is no water available, the device has a safety to ensure the pump will not run dry. The integrated control ensures a regular flushing of the solenoid valve. The flushing interval and the flashing duration are freely programmable. For the operation of the measurement sensor is a protective extra low voltage of 12V.

    If you intend to use a metal tank read the following “special” additional instructions for the installation.

    The newest generation of devices benefits from a number of optional function enhancing features. For more details please refer to the instruction manual.

    A  1/2” solenoid valve is included in the delivery but it is also possible to use other sizes.

  • SILENTIO System Control
  • Fill level indicator
  • Overflow guard
  • Compressor monitoring "Picobell"