LED- technology

To guarantee a long lifespan of light-emitting diodes, the components must be selected to the control very carefully. This is considered ,first of all, to the temperature management and the working current.   

Electronic ballast LED driver:

Regler I1SD

- switching regulator when: STEP- DOWN
- different construction forms
- different input voltages; default: 24V DC
- current in the LED circuit from 200mA to 1500mA
- 2 separate LED circuits possible (24V DC; 60x35)
- dimmable or switchable (on/off)
- clock available (flashing)

LED- module for inside:

LED- Modul

- 100 Lumen
- spot module
- default voltages: 12V DC  or 24V DC
- connecting technology available

Accessories kit:


- electrical supply (12V DC and 24V DC)
- lens systems; various beam widths