Reliably enter and store your sensor sinal data ...

IO Module

The challenge is the concentration of various incoming data. To achieve this we offer a wide range of OEM and after market modules. To optimise costs, the system integrates the multiple sensors into one radio receiver network. Small sensor groups are formed. First the data image of the group is transferred by wire or radio.

A further advantage: All OEM and after market modules use standard signals. An extract from the various input sources:

- Measuring the current, e.g.  4-20mA
- Measuring the voltage, e.g. 0-10V
- Thermoelectric element [couple], e.g. Typ K
- PT100; PT1000


A special case introduces the ASnano. In addition to the above mentioned modules that may be connected, we offer also a capacitive sensor of our own production. This is an alternative and inexpensive method to measure the fill level.

With this device, the collective data from the above mentioned groups are formed. Also use without any interpolation of additional sensors is possible should the ”on board” sensor be sufficient.

Number of modules