Allow the ASmicro® automatically record your process data ...

USB interface

Important data can be recorded to a USB stick. The data will be time recorded. The data is recorded as a TXT file with clear delimiters. The creation and the content of the file is selected by the user. This file can then later be imported, for examble as a spreadsheet for analysis

The FAT32 file system is employed. Formatting of the USB stick must first be carried out on a PC. The ASmicro has no command functions for file management.

The recorded data is available from the USB stick or alternatively by remote data request.

Optionally, a splash-proof USB port can be ordered which is mounted externally on the housing. This allows for better access to the USB without opening the housing.

Important notice:

No connectivity to the PC is possible directly through the ASmicro driver. The USB interface is intended only for the connection of the data storage medium.
When a modification to the equipment is made, an update of the “firmware” is required. This programming revision is made by A+S and sent per e-mail, the device will automatically read in the new information.